About CanPharm Benefits

CanPharm Benefits is distinguished by its ethical practices. We have designed our order, fulfillment and delivery process, conscious of the FDA’s consistently articulated concerns related to the importation of Canadian prescription pharmaceuticals. We believe our program directly addresses these issues.

Systems and Process

Our internal systems comparison-price Canadian and U.S. drug costs so your savings are guaranteed. The object is for CanPharm Benefits to provide U.S., FDA approved drugs only. After all considerations, should a brand drug have an economic advantage from the CanPharm Benefits supply source, would the Canadian supply component be utilized. Our integrated health and safety protocols and research address the FDA health and safety concerns expressed to date, as well as the myriad of other legislative concerns, both in the U.S. and Internationally.

Once the prescription order process is initiated by the patient the appropriate paperwork images are transferred electronically and confidentially. Actual paperwork and viewed information is segregated and released on a need to know basis in order to comply with privacy legislation in all countries.

Working in parallel with existing relationships

Our systems allow us to work parallel with existing U.S. mail-order. U.S. retail network and pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) relationships. All of our commitments, representations and warranties are documented in our plan sponsor agreements. Full member disclosures are included in our enrolment packages.

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We are accountable to our clients
and our strategic partners.

We are devoted to building impactful relationships that benefit the whole.

Our mission is to consistently, safely
and ethically meet and exceed
our clients' expectations.