Canadian Prescription Drugs

CanPharm Benefits Ltd. provides Canadian prescription drugs for individual U.S consumer use in a way that is safe, consistent, measurable and cost-effective. 

Not an internet pharmacy

We are not an internet pharmacy, and we do not conduct any storefront operations. Our Canadian services are an out-of-network mail-order drug facility.

Works with your existing U.S. Drug Benefit Program

We work with municipalities, counties, associations, employer/ employee groups and individuals that use our ideas and research. This safely and effectively provides substantial economic benefits.

Our carefully designed Canadian mail-order option can be seamlessly incorporated with, and/or run parallel to, your existing U.S drug benefit program.

CanPharm understands your needs

Unlike Canadian pharmacy-only providers, we fully understand and have anticipated your needs in the areas of supply, systems, adjudication, reporting, billing, safety, communication and employee satisfaction. Wherever possible, we adapt to your systems to provide an immediate, seamless, turnkey solution.

Savings, safety and simplicity

In developing our successful systems and protocols over the past few years, we have focused much of our efforts on savings, safety and simplicity for all concerned, while concurrently ensuring that the many layers of necessary details are in place.

CanPharm Benefits offers the most complete, well researched solution with the highest level of health and safety, and the greatest guarantees of financial benefit available today.